Think outside the box with Adelaide’s premium OPEN Photobooth

What is it?

The OPEN Photobooth is a modern alternative to traditional enclosed photobooths. Its unique open-air set up is designed for party life, and is much more inclusive and entertaining than traditional booths. Instead of guests having to line up with only a box to stare at, they can watch the fun going on, and get involved by shouting suggestions or jumping into the shot. It's the ultimate crowd pleaser.

In addition to being a great source of entertainment, the OPEN Photobooth offers long-term benefits. The premium quality photos it produces that are far better than what you’d get from someone walking around asking people to say cheese, and its incredible prints gives each guest a keepsake to walk away with.

The OPEN Photobooth is perfect for weddings, birthdays, special occasions, and corporate functions, and is available for hire in Adelaide and surrounding regions.

Benefits of hiring the OPEN Photobooth

The OPEN Photobooth offers many advantages. Here are just a few of them:

  • open-air design makes it the ultimate crowd pleaser, entertaining everyone, not just those in the booth
  • professional lighting & equipment gives you incredible photos & prints - we challenge you to compare the quality with others
  • twice as many photostrips - print up to four each time instead of the standard two
  • massive range of designer photobooth strips & backdrops make your photos look even better
  • on-screen video preview helps you get the perfect shot every time
  • option to upload photos instantly to Facebook
  • option to record video messages too
  • accommodates between 1-12 people at a time
  • easier to transport, so can be hired for venues inaccessible to traditional photobooths
  • disability accessible

What you end up with

Aside from a potential hangover (which is not our fault), you and your guests will end up with full rights to your high resolution digital photos, photobooth strips and video messages. What this means is you can print them, Facebook or Instagram them, hang them on your wall, or tuck them away for blackmail at a later date. None of the images are ever watermarked – they are yours, plain and simple. 

You and your guests will also have all the printed strips from the actual event. It’s surprising where these end up – on the fridge, on a pinboard, in your wallet, or put away with the rest of your printed photos.

If you’ve chosen to get a photobooth album, you will also have a beautiful memoir full of fun photos and personal messages from your guests. It’s a lovely way to share and re-live the fun of your event. 


Brands we’ve worked with

As Adelaide’s premium photobooth, we are proud to have worked with the following brands:


OPEN Photobooth hire costs and options 

Want to know more? Find out all the details and options for OPEN Photobooth hire or rental in Adelaide from our Prices and Options page.